You can add an unlimited number of users to your account.  You must have Account Owner permissions to add, edit or remove users.

The TouchRight Dashboard allows you to securely manage your users through three distinct permission levels: Account Owner, Internal User and External User.

  • The Users area can be accessed from the Admin tab in the top menu, then Users in the dropdown.
  • Use the action buttons to the right of each user to either disable (cross), edit (pencil) or delete (bin).
  • When editing a user, you can change the user name, email address or password.
  • Click the 'Create User' button to add a new user.
    • Select the user type that you want to add (Account Owner, Internal User, External User)
    • Confirm user permissions (we recommend setting this to 'yes')
    • Add first name, last name and email address
    • Add a password, then confirm the password again
    • Allow email signatures if required (email signatures can be added/edited later)
    • Add username if required - this can be used to login to the dashboard only
    • If you want the user to receive weekly summary emails of account activity, change the dropdown to 'yes'
    • If you want the user to send emails via TouchRight and use their email address for replies, make sure it is permitted
    • Once details added, click Save
    • Note: if you are connected with one of our back office partners, those details can be added below.