There are a number of benefits to add tenant or landlord details against a property record in TouchRight:

  • It's possible to select to display their names on the front of each report you generate, as their names are stored
  • It's easier to email appointments, reports, comments and remote report requests to them via TouchRight, as their email addresses can be stored
  • It possible to see their name/s and phone number/s when at the property completing a report, as their phone number details can be stored
  • It's also possible to give tenants or landlords 'view only' access only to login to the TouchRight dashboard and view their reports

There are a few simple steps to add tenants or landlords:

  1. Click on the 'Properties' tab and select either 'Tenants' or 'Landlords' in the drop down menu. 
  2. Then click the 'Create Landlord' or 'Create Tenant' button.  
  3. Add the necessary name, email, address and telephone number details as required, making sure you confirm whether the tenant or landlord has given you permission for their details (name, email address and/or phone number) to be added and used in TouchRight (note: see our separate area for GDPR questions).
  4. Then click on the 'Properties' tab and select 'Properties' in the dropdown menu.  
  5. Search for the property that you want to add the tenant or landlord against, and click the pencil/edit icon.  
  6. Scroll down below the address details and click either 'Add Tenancy' or 'Add Landlord'. 
  7. Select a start date for the tenant/landlord (mandatory) and and end date if known (not mandatory).
  8. Select the tenant or landlord from the dropdown list then click 'Save'.  
  9. Add further tenants/landlords as required, then click 'Save' again.