We have a range of standard quick-start templates available for you to use (over 30+ templates), plus you can also customise your own report templates as required.

To access the templates area:

  • Click on 'Properties' in the top menu, and then 'Report Templates' in the dropdown.
  • Use the Actions icons on the right hand side to:
    • Disable a template (cross icon) - click this icon if you do not plan to use the template and do not want to see it when you schedule an appointment. This keeps your templates list tidy.
    • Duplicate a template (overlaid paper icon) - click this icon to copy an existing template and create your own customised version.
    • Preview a template (magnify icon) - click this icon to get a basic overview of the report template contents/questions, including dropdown options.
    • Print a template (print icon) - click this icon if you want to create a 'blank' report for a property, using this template, that can then be printed.

Please note: whilst a template is being edited, it will be in DRAFT format and cannot be used when scheduling an appointment.  The icon highlighted below (shown to the right hand side of the template) will indicate a template is DRAFT, plus it will be shown at the top of the screen when editing a template. Once a template has been edited, please check the 'Save & Complete' button.

If you want to create a template from scratch, this can be done by clicking the 'Create Report Template' button.  There are lots of question types that can be added to a template as shown below:

On completion, remember to name and save your template.  We recommend watching the training video below for specific hints and tips on customisation. For more assistance with customising templates, please contact us directly as we can often help with template tweaks and changes and complete them on your behalf.