In each TouchRight report that you create, you have the option to 'tag' follow up repairs and maintenance or damage, and also assign a liabilities against the tenant and/or landlord if required.  Tagging issues in this way gives extra benefits to be able to:

  1. Track and manage those issues separately in your TouchRight dashboard, away from the reports themselves
  2. Separate Issues PDF reports can be created, that can be sent to external contractors without the need to send the full report
  3. Issues can be downloaded into a CSV file for tracking and management purposes
  4. If you are a Fixflo user, issues can also be pushed seamlessly from TouchRight into your Fixflo account for follow-up

You can tag issues when completing a report at the property by tapping the 'tag' icon next to the information you want to highlight, then you can add more information to the issue before saving.  When you sync your report back, issues will be logged within the ‘Issues’ section, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Properties’ tab and choosing ‘Issues’ from the drop down menu.

You can also tag issues when reviewing a report back on the dashboard, not just within the app.  Also if you are using the 'Comments' feature in TouchRight that allows you to push a report out to tenants or landlords so they can add comments and photos, you can also generate issues directly from their comments, if they note a maintenance issue.

For further guidance, please check out these videos: