Our bespoke Legionnaires Risk Assessment report template is available to all customers when an appointment is being scheduled. To view a sample report please click here.

A Legionnaires Risk Assessment is completed in the same way as any other report, but you need to select one of the Legionnaires Risk Assessment templates when scheduling your appointment.  We have three templates available:

  1. Legionnaires Disease Risk Assessment (reference notes hidden) - this is a full risk assessment report, with reference notes about water temperature requirements, cold water tanks and shower heads etc. visible in the final PDF report
  2. Legionnaires Disease Risk Assessment (reference notes visible) - this is also a full risk assessment report, with the reference notes hidden/unable to see in the PDF report
  3. Legionnaires Disease Risk Assessment 12-Month Review - this is a simple review assessment, designed to be completed 12 months after the original assessment

Please note: TouchRight only provides the tools to enable you to complete a Legionella Risk Assessment.  You must be sure that any person completing a report on your behalf is competent and trained to a satisfactory standard.

For more information, check out this video: