TouchRight integrates with Fixflo, the market-leading online repair reporting system for rented properties. Customers with Fixflo and TouchRight accounts are able to integrate the two systems seamlessly, so that repairs and photos identified in a TouchRight report can be pushed to Fixflo and tracked through the Fixflo workflow management tool, plus any property records created in Fixflo can be pulled into TouchRight to save you having to add them manually.  This can be done in the TouchRight app at the property, or back in the office on the dashboard.

You'll first need to get your Fixflo token key from your Fixflo account - you can find more details on how to access the token here.

Steps to connect:

  • Click the ‘My Account’ tab in your TouchRight dashboard and choose ‘Integrations’ from the drop down menu (please note: this function is only available to Account Owners)
  • Copy your Fixflo URL (e.g., and Fixflo token key, and add to your TouchRight dashboard account (My Account>Integrations) (note: you will need to be an Account Owner to set up the integration)
  • Once the accounts are connected, you will have the option to identify and tag a specific repair and photos, which generates an ‘Issue’ - this can be done either on-site in the app, or once the report has synced back to the dashboard
  • You then have the option to push the issue to Fixflo
  • You can track the issue in the Fixflo workflow management tool, and any status updates in Fixflo can be reflected in your TouchRight dashboard via a ‘Check for Updates’ button
  • Please note: there is an additional option that can be enabled to allow you to sync across your Fixflo property records into TouchRight at the push of a button - please contact us for more details at  This feature cannot be enabled if you are already using another back office integration e.g. Acquaint, agentOS, SME Professional etc. 

You can find more information on our website here, and watch this video for more information on how to enable the connection: