TouchRight integrates with Acquaint CRM,  one of the leading management software systems for letting agents and estate agents.  The system is designed to be scalable from single user, to multi user, multi branch or even franchise models. Acquaint CRM is packed with features designed to cut down on as much repetitive admin as possible leaving teams more time to develop their business.

Steps to connect

  • Click the ‘My Account’ tab in your TouchRight dashboard and choose ‘Integrations’ from the drop down menu (please note: this function is only available to Account Owners)
  • If you’re an existing Acquaint customer:
    • You’ll be able to set up a TouchRight trial account and enable the connection straight from within your Acquaint account (in 3rd Party Integration).

    • Or if you already have a TouchRight account then you can easily connect the two systems when logged in to Acquaint, by using your TouchRight login.

How to use the integration

  1. Schedule an appointment in your Acquaint diary, selecting the report type and template.  
  2. Acquaint will automatically sync the Property, Landlord, Tenancy, Tenants, and Appointment details to TouchRight.
  3. The appointment is automatically available to be synced straight to the TouchRight app, or converted to a report to complete on the dashboard.
  4. Visit the property and complete the report in the TouchRight app, sync it back from the app to the TouchRight dashboard, edit and check the report before finalising with the 'Save & Complete' button.
  5. Acquaint will check the TouchRight system automatically every 15 minutes, and look for any finalised reports. A pop-up message will appear in Acquaint to notify about a new report, and the report will be available immediately in Acquaint as a link.  Plusthe report link will save directly against the property in Acquaint for future reference.

You can find more information on our website here, and watch this video for more information on how to enable the connection: