You can edit your appointments either on the dashboard, or in the app if you have already synced your appointment to your mobile device.

To edit on the dashboard:

  • Click the ‘Properties’ tab and choose ‘Appointments’ from the drop down menu. 
  • Alongside each appointment is a pencil icon to edit the appointment.  Click the pencil and edit the necessary details for the appointment.  Please note that:
    • If the appointment has not been synced to the app, you will be able to edit all the details including address and report template.
    • If the appointment has already been synced to the app, you will only be able to edit the date and time.  If you need to edit any other details, we recommend you delete the appointment and reschedule a new one.  You can delete the appointment by clicking the 'bin' icon.

To edit in the app:

  • Tap the property address to go to the Appointment Details screen
  • Then press the 'pencil' icon and edit the date and time details, or delete the appointment if no longer required

For further guidance, please check out this video: