Creating a report on the dashboard is useful in a number of different scenarios:

  • You already have a lot of knowledge about the property, and you want to be able to start your report in the office before syncing it to the app to finish at the property
  • You have a paper inventory report, and you want to get it added to TouchRight, backdated to the date the report was created, in order to schedule a 'linked' check out report
  • You were unable to complete your report at the property using the app, but you have taken separate photos and now want to create your report on your PC

To start creating your report:

  • Click the ‘Properties’ tab and choose ‘Reports’ from the drop down menu. 
  • Next, click the ‘Create Report’ button (see below).
  •  This will prompt you to create the report.  When doing this, it is possible to backdate the report if required by changing the 'Scheduler Start' date, and then selecting the date that you want to be displayed on the report using the calendar.
  • Once scheduled, find your 'in review' report in your Reports list. 
  • Click the pencil icon to begin adding information. Photos can be uploaded from your local computer files.

Please note: currently if you have your TouchRight account integrated with your back office system (Acquaint, agentOS, Qube SLM, SME Professional), although you are able to start creating a report on the dashboard in TouchRight, the link for that report will not be available in your back office system.  These reports would be available to download or get access the report link in TouchRight only.  Only where the appointment originated in your back office system will those report be available in your back office.

For further guidance, please check out this video: