You can 'lock' a report that is 'in review' and schedule to sync it back to the app.  You might choose to do this if you need to take a report back to a property to finish or add more information, or if you need to do an office-based check in with tenants on your device.  To do this:

  1. Click the ‘Properties’ tab and choose ‘Reports’ from the drop down menu. 
  2. Find the report that you want to push back to the app and make sure the report is ‘in review’.  If it is marked as 'final' then click the 'pencil' icon and click 'Edit Report' to put the report back into 'in review'.
  3. Then click the 'lock to sync' (padlock) icon next to the report.
  4. Select the inspector name and date/time to push back to the app, then press 'Schedule'.
  5. Login to the app, press 'Synchronise' and then 'Download Appointments'.  If you have scheduled it within the next 7 days, the report will sync across to the app.
  6. Please note: whilst the report is locked and synced to the app, it will be 'locked' on the dashboard and cannot be edited.

For further guidance, please check out this video: