If you've just signed up to TouchRight for the first time, you'll notice when you login to the PC Dashboard that there is a handy 'TouchRight Tour' available on the left side of your screen, to show you the simple steps to get you up and running.

If you've just been set up as a new user, please follow the steps below.

In short, the key steps to complete your first report are:

  1. Set up your Account (ACCOUNT OWNERS ONLY) - add your company logo, address and brand colours to personalise your reports.  These details will be shown on each PDF report you create.
  2. Create a Property - add a property first.  We recommend adding your office address as your first property, so that you can set up a quick test appointment.  The good news is that a property only needs to be added once.
  3. Schedule an Appointment - once a property is added, you can schedule your first appointment, selecting the type of report, report template and date/time for the appointment. This can be done on the PC dashboard, or in the app.
  4. Sync Appointment to the App - make sure you have the TouchRight app downloaded, then login and sync your appointment to the app.
  5. Complete Report and Send to the Dashboard - start your report, add your report information and photos into the template, then mark your report as completed.
  6. Edit and Complete your Report - sync the report back to the PC dashboard, then open the report to review, edit and mark as final.
  7. Post Appointment - Download or Email your Report - download your report as a PDF, or email the report from your TouchRight dashboard, either attached as a PDF or included as a link in the email.

Now you've completed the basics, you're ready to explore some of the other TouchRight features including custom templates, linking reports, tagging issues and repairs, tenant comments and lone worker protection.  

We're here to help you get started with the above steps - please get in touch for a training webinar and we'll get back to you.