There are a number of nifty little features built into iOS and Android that work perfectly with TouchRight to speed up your property reporting processes even further? Instant dictation enables you to complete reports without even typing a word.

Instant dictation is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can take advantage of this feature while on-site at a property.  If you can see the microphone on your keyboard, you can go ahead and start dictating!  Simply press the button, talk your description into your device, then press the button again to finish.  Your speech will instantly be converted into text in your report, without the need for any transcription.  A really useful tool for long inventory reports!  Detailed instructions for using dictation on specific devices/operating systems can be found in this handy blog.

Using dictation offline is available on the iPhone 6s and onwards, as well as some Samsung and Google devices, allow you to dictate even when you’re offline. It’s not automatically enabled, so make sure you have it set up whilst you are online. Again, more information can be found in our blog.

Other time-saving shortcuts are available, including creating your own common words and phrases, which is great for statements that you might use over and over again in different properties.  For example, if you regularly say 'in good clean condition' or 'magnolia painted', why not set up shortcuts s that 'igcc' and 'mp' can be used instead?