Once you've scheduled an appointment, you can choose to email it to a tenant, landlord or other party in the main Appointments screen.  To do that:

  • First click on Properties and then select Appointments in the dropdown, find the appointment you want to email and then click the envelope icon.
    • Please note: only appointments dated today or a date in the future can be emailed.  Overdue appointments shown in red cannot be emailed unless the date/time is updated.

  • Then select which party you would like to send the appointment to.  You can choose to send it to yourself for reference.  Any additional parties can be added in the Other Addresses list.  If you need to add your tenant or landlord first against the property, click here for more details.

  • You can use the standard email template, or change the template in the Email Template dropdown.  If you want to add additional Email Templates, click here for more details.  You can also edit the message if required, then click Send.
  • Once you've pressed Send, a notification will be added against the appointment, and if clicked will give more information about who the appointment was sent from, to and the date/time it was sent.