TouchRight integrates with SME Professional,  one of the market leading property management solutions. SME Professional is not only designed for the professional management of a property portfolio – it is a solution to help efficiently manage many aspects of a letting agent’s business. The SME Professional goal is to simplify operations to allow an agent to spend more time growing their business.

Getting Set Up

If you’re an existing SME Professional customer, you’ll be able to contact SME and request an API key enable the connection. Once this has been added to your TouchRight account, you will be able to verify your existing properties in TouchRight so they are matched with your properties in Acquaint.

Once set up, property information will seamlessly flow from SME into TouchRight:

  1. Once connected, a ‘Sync with Back Office Provider’ button will be available on the Properties page in TouchRight, which will allow you to choose from a list of all available properties in SME Professional that can be synced into TouchRight, so you can decide which property records you want to pull across, or use the ‘Select All’ button. Landlord and/or tenant details will also sync across, and any existing properties in TouchRight will also be updated.
  2. Once the property record is in TouchRight, you can click the ‘Schedule’ button to schedule your property visit, selecting the report type, date/time and template accordingly, and then sync it to the TouchRight app.
  3. You can then visit the property and complete a report using the TouchRight app, sync it back from the app to the TouchRight dashboard, edit and check the report before finalising and generating a PDF report.
  4. Once the report is finalised, a link to that report will automatically be available in SME Professional, stored against the property for easy access.

You can find more information on our website here, and watch this video for more information on how to enable the connection: