What does this option allow you to do?

  • Gather information from the tenant about the condition of the property if you're unable to gain access or are working within social distancing guidelines. 
  • It gives a good reason to call the tenants and stay connected as it enables you to check on any maintenance issues and continue to provide a level of service to your landlords.

How do you create a report to go through with them over-the-phone/Zoom/Facetime?

  • Arrange to call the tenant at a convenient time to go through the report with them.
  • You will create a report on the dashboard, ready to send to the tenant or landlord.  Go to Properties>Reports then click the 'Create Report' button, then add the details required, dating the report for the same day/time that you are planning to call the tenant or landlord and selecting the correct template that you want to use.

  • When you’re ready to contact the tenant, click the pencil next to the report to edit.
  • Contact the tenant via phone, Zoom or Facetime to speak to them, or be able to view the property at the same time.
  • Go through the report and questions with the tenant or landlord and note their comments and feedback, then press the 'Save' button to save your progress. You can hide any sections that aren't relevant by pressing the 'Eye' icon.

  • You then have two options to add photos to the report:
    • Option A: Request that the tenant emails any supporting photos, then you can upload these photos into the report by using the 'Choose Files' button. Once the report is completed, click ‘Save & Complete’ and download PDF to send to your chosen parties.
    • Option B: Send the report to the tenant or landlord for photos, further comments and signature. 
      • First mark the report as ‘Final’.
      • Then press the thumbs icon to activate the ‘Comments’ feature.  For more details on how to use the Comments feature, review this article here.

For further guidance on how to use over-the-phone reporting, please check out the presentation attached.