Yes, it is possible to import a spreadsheet of tenant or landlord details into your TouchRight account, so that they are then available to assign to a property.  

There are a number of benefits to add tenant or landlord details against a property record in TouchRight:

  1. It's possible to select to display their names on the front of each report you generate, as their names are stored.
  2. It's easier to email appointments, reports and comments requests to them via TouchRight, as their email addresses can be stored.
  3. It possible to see their name/s and phone number/s when at the property completing a report, as their phone number details can be stored.
  4. It's also possible to give tenants or landlords 'view only' access only to login to the TouchRight dashboard and view their reports.
  5. You can more easily use the remote reporting and comments features, to send reports out for completion, and comments/signatures to be added.

To add tenants or landlords into your TouchRight dashboard, you first need to have the details in a correctly formatted spreadsheet:

  • For tenants the following information can be uploaded (see example spreadsheet attached):

  • For landlords the following information can be uploaded (see example spreadsheet attached):

Please note: it is very important that the details are added into the correct columns, so that there are no errors. Only one tenant/landlord name/email address can be added per row/cell.  If you want to email reports to the tenants or landlords from TouchRight then you must include an email address, and confirm the GDPR status (add 1 for yes and 0 for no).

  • Once the data is correctly formatted, you need to save your spreadsheet in CSV (comma delimited) format.
  • To upload tenant/landlord data, click on the Properties menu and choose your option in the dropdown:

Please note: The process below shows how to import tenants - but the same principles apply for landlords too.

  • Then click the 'Import Tenants' button:

  • Click the 'Help' button to check and double-check to make sure your CSV file is formatted correctly:

  • Once you are happy your CSV spreadsheet is ready, click the 'Choose File' button and locate the file on your computer to select:

  • Once the file has been selected, click the 'Import' button on the right:

Please note: the process may take a few minutes, depending on the amount of data you are uploading.

Once the tenant data has finished importing, you will see a list of rows that have been successfully imported.  If any records have failed to upload, you can refer back to your spreadsheet to edit/amend any records as required.

You also have the option to 'Download Results' of the import information for reference, and if any data has been uploaded in error, you have the option to 'Revert Last Import' which will remove all records from the last import carried out.