TouchRight integrates with Reapit, the property software platform used by leading agents. Reapit’s property software helps agents grow their businesses across sales, lettings, and property management, allowing agents to get the most out of their marketing investments, accelerate sales progression, and dramatically improve productivity across their businesses with an intuitive and fully integrated suite of products on a cloud hosted database.

Some of the features and benefits of integrating include:

  • No duplication - property, appointment, tenant & landlord information shared from Reapit to TouchRight
  • Everything kept in sync – updates shared between Reapit and TouchRight seamlessly and in real-time – whether updating a property, tenancy, appointment or report
  • Reports easily accessible - completed property reports instantly available in Reapit

  • Save time and effort - no double-entry data!

Getting Connected

  1. Install the TouchRight app from the Reapit Marketplace, in your Reapit account
    1. Go to the Apps area, browse to find TouchRight and then install the App
  2. Login to your TouchRight account, go to the Integrationsarea (My Account>Integrations), open the Reapit section and login to your Reapit Connect account and then:
    1. Select Appointment Types to pull in from Reapit to TouchRight
    2. Select Branches to connect with TouchRight
    3. Add your Reapit user IDs to your TouchRight user IDs

You're then ready to go!

Once the connection is set up, there will be no need to add properties and appointments in TouchRight, as this information will seamlessly flow from your Reapit account into TouchRight.  Completed property reports will be available to access in Reapit, as a link.

  • Appointment details (date, time, appointment type) will instantly be available in TouchRight. The appointment just needs the report template to be added, then it is ready to sync to the TouchRight app.
  • Property details (address, tenant, landlord information) will instantly be available in TouchRight.
  • Once a property report has been completed in TouchRight, the report PDF will instantly be available against the property in Reapit.
  • A usage charge for the integration will apply.

This video explains how to get connected:

If you’re interested to find out more, please contact us for more details.