Once a remote report has been sent to the tenant or landlord, it is possible to cancel or edit that request if required.  This is useful if the remote report request has expired and you want to give the tenants more time to complete and sign the report. 

To access the Remote Reporting area, click on Properties in the top menu and select Remote Reporting from the dropdown.

Find the request that you need to edit and use the icons to the right of the report to:

  1. Edit the expiry date - once you've edited the expiry date, use the resend button to send to the tenant/landlord
  2. Resend the request
  3. Delete the request

If you need to edit the report that you have already sent to the landlord or tenant, then you should delete the request and then edit the report before sending a new request.  This article includes information on how to edit the report before sending to the tenant or landlord.